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Stern Tube Stop Leak Oil Additives

 STERN Tube Treatment



Designed for use in all types of sterntubes,bow thrusters , propel systems, CPP's and other equipment using oil in their systems.


QMI LiquiSeal provides the solution, promptly stopping oil leaks by restoring seal elasticity and gently increasing seal size to fill the leak causing gaps. QMI LiquiSeal with PTFE is create teflon barriers on the damaged seal area which stop the leakage or recude it significanly. QMI LiquiSeal's premium formula contains no harmful aromatic solvents, which cause uncontrolled seal swelling and loss of elasticity.


QMI LiquiSeal applications also provide effective preventative maintenance by preventing oil leak before they occur. As heat and exposure to harsh operating conditions causes seals to deteriorate, all equipment over five years can benefit from QMI LiquiSeal’s restoring properties

While seals typically do not last “forever,” QMI LiquiSeal with PTFE can often avoid oil leak repairs, or postpone repair until more conveniently scheduled. On Stern tubes it would be an advantage to redo the treatment at least once a year, in order to keep the outer seals pliable and smooth.

QMI LiquidSaeal provides solution to leakage for all kind of seal types including EAL and Mineral oil systems


Add 5-12% QMI LiquiSeal with PTFE of the total capacity to the oil. When the seals are leaking, add the treatment to the gravity tank in 12% strength.

For faster result, drain the gravity tank down to minimum and add 50% -100% LiquiSeal concentrate. When the oil supply from the gravity tank is used up, add another 12% to the gravity tank’s oil supply. Repeat this process until all QMI LiquiSeal with PTFE is used up.


QMI Liquiseal and QMI LiquiSeal w/PTFE are biodegradeble products that are in commpliance with the US 2013 VGP requirements as environmetally acceptable.