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ORİMAR Technical Services Ltd.

Orimar Technical Services Ltd has been founded in 1994 by Mr. Arif Budak and Mr. Suleyman Kazan who are both graduates of the Merchant Marine Academy in 1978. Both founders have had Marine Chief Engineer licenses for years. Both Mr. Budak and Mr. Kazan have had experience with technical service, repairs, maintenance and operation of Marine machinery and industrial plant for years.

 In addition to the founders, repairs, maintenance and service operations are being managed and followed up by experienced Mechanical  Engineer Mr. Selim Kazan to the highest quality and excellency of experience.

 We provide maintenance, repair, technical service, consulting, and manufacturing spare and replacement parts for marine industry, power plants, petrochemical plants, industrial facilities. We specialize in ship main and auxiliary diesel engines, gas and steam turbines, boilers, pumps, compressors, gear groups, hydraulic engines ,pumps, hydraulic/ pneumatic systems and cylinders, heat exchangers, ship auxiliary machinery, winches, and windlasses.

 In addition to these, we carry out new ship building, ship repair and conversion projects in a Chinese shipyards.

It is a common practice for our company to easily and successfully create solutions for extremely difficult operational or repair problems, with the support of our vast knowledge and experience that expands more than 30 years.

 Our firm is located at the Tuzla Shipyard area in Tuzla Istanbul TURKEY.

 Our Services are as follows:

 1-Our main services are maintenance, repair, reconditioning  and servicing of all kinds of main and auxiliary machinery with utmost care and quality for the ships, energy plants, petrochemical plants, and industrial facilities. We also deal with diesel engines, cranes, winches, windlasses, and all kinds of deck machinery repairs. We provide Maintenance, recondition and service for cranes, winches, hydromotors, hydropumps,for mooring winches and windlass.

In addition we deal with repairs, renewals, reconditioning and periodic servicing of turbines, heat exchangers, heaters, coolers, auxiliary boilers, economizers, exhaust gas boilers, turbochargers, high pressure fuel pumps, centrifugal pumps. We test all types and sizes of heat exchangers, heaters, and coolers. All of the above repairs and reconditioning works are supported with NDT test results when necessary.

2-  Furthermore, we  carry out consults and follow ups for all kinds of Classification and statutory surveys, as well as PSC and Flag Authority inspections, condition surveys for purchasing or selling a ship, P& I (surveys, insurance damage assessment surveys and consults.

 3-We mass produce various sizes and capacities of HP, MP, and LP fixed and portable 12 types of ejectors with test and quality certificates.

 4- As of 2021, We recondition pistons, covers, and exhaust valves for marine diesels with the utmost quality workmanship supported with 27 years of experience.

 5- Orimar carries out new ship building, ship repair and conversion projects in both the Chine, Tuzla, and Altinova shipyards along with our sister companies.

 6-Orimar has had the opportunity to work with experienced and developed Turkish resources for the last 27 years. Our firm has been able to manufacture a variety of special spare parts by designing and replicating through manufacturing processes such as; mold / model, material, molding, machining, heat operations, special coatings, finishing and quality control.

Since the beginning, our company has targeted client satisfaction and compliance with technical standards as a first priority. The satisfaction of the technical managers of the client and surveyors of the classification society is honored as well.

 Our company has succeeded to reach the targets in a very short time with its management based ideal of: client satisfaction, continuous education and learning, quality assurance and progressive knowledge. We attribute this to all- encompassing goals and continuing improvement of development strategies with service sectors.

We never deviate from the principles and the standards of quality. We constantly seek to improve and apply the application of new technologies while using the best business practices. We want to be role a model for not only this sector, but for the whole country.